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1. The density of aluminum profile is very small, so the weight will be much lighter than other materials. There will be a protective film on the surface of aluminum to prevent oxidation. Aluminum profiles are non-toxic and tasteless, so some food packaging will also use aluminum for packaging.

2. Aluminum profile has high gloss, and its appearance is beautiful and has good moldable performance. Its own material factors also make it have high fire and explosion-proof performance. Because aluminum is not easy to be oxidized, its service life is very long.

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Aviation Application Field

Structural weight reduction can be described as “care every gram” in the aerospace field, which has become an important application market of aluminum alloy materials. High strength aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high strength and good hot working performance. Its plates, extruded profiles and hub parts are widely used in aerospace components.

For example, Airbus A380-800 aluminum alloy material accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 61%.

The proportion of aluminum alloy material of Airbus a350-900xwb is 20%.

The aluminum alloy material of Boeing 787-800 accounts for 15% – 20%.

Aviation Application Field

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High-speed rail Application Field

High speed railway is a “large aluminum user”. More than 85% of the body materials of a train of high-speed railway are aluminum extruded materials. High speed trains with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour have high requirements for lightweight, sealing and corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and strong plasticity, which makes aluminum profile car body have absolute advantages in the application of rail vehicles. At present, the vehicles running on high-speed railway roads in China are basically aluminum profile cars.

Aviation Application Field


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