Aluminum products in daily use industry

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Aluminum has low density, good conductivity, heat conduction and reflection performance. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum and a variety of aluminum alloys have good ductility and can carry out various plastic processing. Aluminum has the characteristics of low melting point and good casting performance

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Aluminum products in daily use industry

Lawn mowers are called weeders, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, etc. Lawn mower is a kind of mechanical tool used to trim lawn and vegetation. It is composed of aluminum tube, cutter head, engine, blade, handrail, control part, etc. The aluminum extruded pipe used in the lawn mower is mainly made of 6 series materials, which has the characteristics of high strength, not easy to deform and light weight. Compared with steel, aluminum has better corrosion resistance and more fashionable appearance. Our company can not only produce extruded profiles, but also carry out subsequent processing, including cutting, punching, CNC milling and other processes. In addition, we can also provide a variety of surface treatments, including anodizing, spraying and so on.

Aluminum products used in stroller

Stroller is a kind of tool car designed to provide convenience for baby outdoor activities. It has various models. Generally, children aged 1 to 2 are collectively referred to as strollers. The stroller frame is made of aluminum pipe, iron pipe, steel pipe and aluminum alloy profile. Because the stroller frame is the main load-bearing component of the stroller, it will directly affect the stability, load-bearing performance and safety of the stroller. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy material is not only light but also very strong, so aluminum alloy stroller is the best choice, Our company can produce aluminum tube profiles of strollers with various materials and different surface treatments, and can also customize the production according to the needs of different models of customers.

Aluminum ladder Application Field

Aluminum alloy ladders are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, and most of the aluminum alloy grades are: 7050-T7451 or 7075-T651; With the characteristics of low density, light weight, high strength and not easy to deform, it has gradually replaced wooden materials in the current market; Easy to carry; Advanced square tube extrusion riveting technology, good safety; And equipped with strong anti-skid ladder feet. Ladder types mainly include: household ladder, footrest, vertical ladder, herringbone ladder, telescopic ladder, folding ladder, multifunctional portable ladder, insulating ladder, attic ladder, industrial ladder, etc.

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