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Aluminum alloy building formwork for concrete engineering is a new generation of building formwork system after wood formwork, bamboo, wood plywood and steel formwork. It is mainly made of aluminum profile, welding system and mechanical support system. The panel system is made of extruded aluminum alloy profiles to replace the traditional wood formwork, combined with high-strength steel support and fastening system and high-quality hardware bolts and other accessories. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, overall stability, convenient assembly and disassembly and repeated recycling. The design and construction application of aluminum alloy formwork is not only the innovation of concrete engineering formwork technology, but also the promotion of fabricated concrete technology, but also the embodiment of construction technology industrialization.

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Akcome architectural aluminum mold has the following characteristics

1. Safety

Materials shall be selected in strict accordance with the following standards.

Scientific design and reasonable structure.

Mature production process and standardized production process.

High bearing capacity, 50kN / ㎡, without die explosion and die expansion.

It is not afraid of water and fire, corrosion-resistant and not easy to deform.

2. High efficiency

High installation efficiency and fast speed: 20 ~ 30 ㎡ / day / person.

The technical requirements for installation are simple: as long as the civilized construction is carried out, there is no need for skilled workers.

Less consumption: one set of formwork, three sets of support, less handling and storage.

The site is clean and tidy: the support is in good order and has little impact on personnel activities.

Clean up: almost no garbage is generated during installation and removal, and there is no need to clean up.

The post process is simple: the concrete surface is flat and smooth, and the amount of decoration ash is small.

3. Economy

Saving about 10% of workers.

Save skilled workers and low average labor cost.

About 50% of transportation, handling costs and tower crane use costs are saved.

About 50% storage space is saved.

Save 30% of the decoration man hours and materials in the later process.

Save about 10% of the construction period.

The cleaning time and cost are saved.

It can be reused up to 500 times, and the average use cost is low.

The recovery rate of aluminum mold is more than 30%.

4. Environmental protection

The formwork is reused for about 500 times and supported for about 20 years.

Almost no garbage is generated during installation and removal.

Iron nails and other consumables are hardly used during installation.

The residual value is fully recovered, which is green and environment-friendly.

Replace traditional wood models and reduce deforestation of forest resources.

It meets the development requirements of China's green environmental protection and energy conservation.

Aluminum products in Building industry

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