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Advantages of solar frame in the field of photovoltaic applications:

1 corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance;

2. Strong strength and fastness;

3. Strong tensile resistance;

4 high elasticity, rigidity and metal fatigue value;

5 convenient transportation and installation, even if the surface scratches ,It will not produce oxidation and does not affect the performance;

6 through convenient selection of different materials, It can adapt to a variety of environments;

7 The service life is more than 30-50 years.

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Suitable for solar modules

Suitable for 30-120 watt solar modules 30 * 25mm
Suitable for 80—180 watt solar modules 35 * 35mm
Suitable for 160—220 watt solar modules 50 * 35mm

Many other custom sizes

17*17mm, 20*20mm, 23*17mm, 25*25mm, 28*25mm, 35*30mm, 40*28mm, 40*30mm, 40*35mm, 42*35mm,  45*35mm, 46*30mm, 46*35mm , 46*40mm, 46*48mm, 46*50mm,   46*60mm,   60*35mm, etc。

Application field

Why do solar panels need frame?

Solar frame plays the role of protecting components and facilitating the connection and fixation of components. Because solar panels are mainly composed of monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon solar cells and toughened glass, especially brittle, easy to break, so the outside must have a frame protection. Of course, there is also a kind of borderless solar panel recently, which is sealed by a spraying technology using modern high technology, but the edge seal of this borderless solar module has leakage potential.


Extrusion Factory

2 sets of 600T extrusion machine, 9 sets of 1000T extrusion machine, 1 set of 1800T extrusion machine, 1 set of 2500T extrusion machine, 1 set of 3600T extrusion machine.Annual capacity of 38,000 tons.6 aging furnaces, 3 sandblasting machines, 2 horizontal oxidation lines.Oxidation provides surface treatment: sand blasting, alkali sand, oxidation, coloring and electrophoresis.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum extrusion is the introduction of a heated aluminum ingot into a container and forcing it at high pressure through the profiled opening of a die which corresponds to the cross-section of the extrusion.

Why is Aluminum Extrusion?

More and more people are realizing the benefits that aluminium extrusion can offer:  The unique properties of aluminium in combination with the virtually unlimited opportunities the aluminium extrusion process gives to adapt product shape to innovate, reduce cost and maximize efficiency. From automotive to architecture, furniture to facades, lifts to lighting, the use of aluminium extrusions is extensive and new applications are being discovered every day. 

Besides, the cost of aluminium extrusion is significantly lower than other processes, such as casting or forming and other extrusion processes such as plastic.  Costs vary depending on the size, type, and complexity of extrusion. 

In addition, the low density of aluminium results in a lightweight profile compared to other materials, which is easy to handle down the supply chain, as well as being cheaper and more environmentally friendly to transport.

Advanced and Efficient Equipment


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