Akcome OEM ODM Aluminum AL Alloy Single Layer Board Box Type Vehicles Battery Holding Tray

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Battery tray is not only an important part of new energy electric vehicles, but also an important part of automobile lightweight indicators. Battery tray plays a key role in protecting automobile batteries. The single-layer board box tray is suitable for entry-level small electric vehicles.

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Aluminum alloy battery tray / lower box of battery pack is mainly made of steel and aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is favored by more and more automobile OEMs and manufacturers around the world because of its low density and various forming processes, which can meet the requirements of electric vehicle lightweight. At present, aluminum alloy battery tray has two process schemes: integral casting and aluminum profile welding. FSW has been widely used in the manufacture of battery tray because of its non melting, automation, intelligence, environment-friendly and integrated characteristics.

The single-layer board box type battery tray has the advantages of lighter weight, good quality, nice price, high cost performance. It is more suitable for small economic electric vehicles.

① E300-Single-layer board lower box

 Co-production with partners

 Structure: aluminum alloy frame + single-layer bottom plate

 Size: 1500×1150mm

 Process: CNC, FSW, TIG Ø Weight: 26kg

● Status: mass production (2000 sets/month in 19 years)

② BE11-Single-layer board lower box

● Co-production with partners

● Structure: aluminum alloy frame + single-layer bottom plate

● Size: 2187×1260*145mm

● Process: CNC, FSW, TIG/MIG, airtight ØWeight: 54.3kg

● Status: B sample (mass production in October 21)


③ S50EVG-lower box

● Produced in cooperation with partners

● Structure: aluminum alloy frame + double bottom plate

● Dimensions: 1700×1200 mm

● Process: CNC, Bending, FSW, TIG, PVC

● Weight: 44kg ØStatus: In mass production (3000 sets/month)

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