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Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on two core businesses of new energy manufacturing and new energy service. It is an international famous brand and one of the leading enterprises in China's new energy industry. The company was founded in March 2006 and listed on small and Medium Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2011 (stock abbreviation: Akcome Technology, stock code: 002610). As a subsidiary, Jiangyin Akcome Metal Co.ltd 's traditional business is photovoltaic frame manufacturing, as an advantage of the business, products occupy nearly 10% of the global market share, the introduction of 12 automatic production lines and 32 manual production lines, with more than 500 kinds of design database, more than 20 kinds of independent design scheme, 4 kinds of texture color products, Long-term stable cooperation with 25 of the world's top 30 pv module manufacturers. With the continuous progress , jiangyin Akcome Metal entered the new field of aluminum parts of new energy vehicles in 2016, and has now become one of the top 100 enterprises in the industry. With factories and 4 materials research institutes, continuous technological innovation.



Supply more than 12GW customized solar frames for module manufacturers


10% of the global solar aluminum frame market share


Annual production capacity is more than 40 million sets

Key Customers

Corporate Culture

Integrity, Trust, Cooperation, Innovation

Looking toward the new horizon ,Akcome people will stick to the objective of sustainable development , With the strength of continuous technological innovation and sound financial condition, we are dedicated to providing reliable and secure products and services to an ever-increasing number of customers.



  • -2006-

    In February 2006, the company was formally established and passed ISO quality system certification. In June 2006, the company imported strategic users Sharp and Mitsubishi.

  • -2011-

    IPO listed in 2011, single month sales of solar frame exceeded 130 million RMB. The company became a 3A credit rating enterprise and obtained TUV system certification.

  • -2013-

    In 2013, the automated production line achieved 1.2GW solar frame output, and Akcome was awarded Non-public Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Unit in Wuxi City.

  • -2014-

    In 2014, the company were evaluated as a Grade 3 Enterprise for Safety Production.

  • -2015-

    In 2015, strategic partnership with Hanwha Q.cells and the peak annual shipment amount 306 million RMB.

  • -2017-

    In 2017, strategic partnership with Longi and peak annual shipment amount 476 million RMB.

  • -2018-

    In 2018, strategic partnership with First Solar and the peak annual shipment 819 million RMB.

  • -2019-

    In 2019, the frame sales achieved 2.2 billion RMB with shipment of 134 million pcs of frame. Akcome invested in the construction of Vietnam frame factory aim for US market .

  • -2020-

    In 2020, the company expanded the Southeast Asia market and achieved the shipment amount 615 million RMB.

  • -2021-

    In 2021, expand domestic market aiming to further strengthen the solar frame market leadership and strive to develop cooperative relationship with the Top 5 domestic customers. Meanwhile, new added the development of new types of aluminum products in overseas market.

  • -2022-

    In2022,the company is subordinate to The Huihao segment of Akcome Group, specializing in photovoltaic module frame, various industrial profiles and aluminum parts for new energy vehicles.